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  • FAR FROM THE TREE follows families meeting extraordinary challenges through love, empathy, and understanding. This life-affirming documentary encourages us to cherish loved ones for all they are, not who they might have been. Based on Andrew Solomon’s award-winning, critically acclaimed, New York Times bestselling non-fiction book “Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity.”



  • "This is a passionate and affecting work that will shake up your preconceptions and leave you in a better place. It’s a book everyone should read and there’s no one who wouldn’t be a more imaginative and understanding parent — or human being — for having done so."

  • "Solomon is in many ways the perfect writer for the subject—nuanced, thorough, humane, and a gifted stylist—and, trying to get to the root of this conflict, he pushes horizontal identity as far as it will go."

  • "Far From the Tree is about learning to overcome our discomfort with difference."

  • "Far From The Tree explores the experiences of families who have had to deal with difference, and have learnt over time to accept, accommodate and sometimes even to celebrate it."

  • "Far From the Tree is massively ambitious... Inspirational about the “infinitely deep” and mysterious love of parents for their children."

  • "This sweeping tribute to the joys of parental love can be startling and ecstatic... Solomon's true talent is a geographic one: He maps the strange terrain of the human struggle that is parenting."

  • "Solomon creates something of enduring warmth and beauty: a quilt, a choir... [He] is a storyteller of great intimacy and ease. It’s impossible not to be charmed by some of these voices."

  • "Elegantly reported by a spectacularly original and compassionate thinker, Far from the Tree explores how people who love each other must struggle to accept each other—a theme in every family’s life."